I am a painter. . .

Who lives in Seattle. I was born in Upstate New York in a placed nestled deep in the Hudson Valley called Poughkeepsie. A whistle stop for the trains that run North along the majestic Hudson River from Manhattan to points as far away as the eye can see. Industry and agrarian beauty worked hand in hand to create a rich cultural tapestry which informed me as a visual artist.
My work is the result of the life I've lived, the sights I've seen and the music I've heard.

I've just put on a fresh pot of coffee. So, come on in.


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My work is indicative of the world around me. I paint with a palette that's filled with the colors in which the emotion and power of the subject dictate. Sometimes, I am not concerned if colors will blend harmoniously and I don't paint using conventional techniques. I feel that this can add a vibrancy and energy to the work that you can not get if you get lost in technique.





I love the frenetic nature of the city. I want to capture this movement by working in non-specific abstractions. What concerns me most is not the object itself but the space that surrounds it.