Shaking it Up With Fabulous Fakes

Picasso Blue Period Painting Study by Mark LaFalce

There came a time when I got a little stuck in the process and started feeling somewhat bored with the nature of my path in creating art. I speak expressly of technique. The rest of my artist-me works perfectly fine. I'm referring to, of course, my eyes, ears, nose, hands, feet and every other part of me necessary to create art of any kind. I was pondering the notion of become predictive to myself and just thought it was time to try something new. That's when my wife suggested that I start copying old master works. Just to have fun, if nothing else but more importantly, she thought it would help me shake some old rusty patterns in my creative process. Also, since I paint mostly from memory and not from real life or photographs, it would help me to paint more of what I see giving my work a new leverage and learning new ways of bring form and color to the paper.

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