Back in Georgetown and it feels so good

Today was the first day back in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood showcasing art in my new studio, infamously know from here forward as Studio G. It's been quite a few years and my wife Claire and I were delighted to be there to meet so many wonderful people as they walked through. We celebrated the arrival of fall, drank wine, spent time with old friends and talked about art and the new direction things are going. We were happy to see our good friend Deborah Stachowic's encaustics, paintings and new line of glass jewelry and are really over-joyed to be sharing the Tir-na-nO'g space with amazing potter and good friend Pamela Hathaway. Claire showed some of her portrait work and I got to showcase more from my Fabulous Fakes project. Here is the a Study of Johannas Vermeer's The Girl With a Pearl Earring

Study of Girl With a Peralr Earring by M. LaFalce

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